Monday, October 30, 2006

R-44 Evangelical Pentecoastal Church in Ukraine... uses loud music and pom pom dancers..

Nigerian pastor finds new flock in Ukraine Inside one of Ukraine's biggest sports halls a band pumps out deafening music surrounded by pom pom-waving dancers in shiny blue outfits...... Thousands of people are on their feet enthusiastically singing and clapping along, as if at a pop concert...... A Pentecostal church called the Embassy of God is sweeping across the country...... It claims to have 25,000 members in the capital alone.... For many people here a church service that has a feel-good factor is something new.

Some critics are suspicious of this evangelical movement and its close relationship with powerful politicians...... The Orthodox Church feels threatened. It says Embassy of God is a cult...... "The followers become like zombies - they are fully devoted to the leader of the organisation, ready to fulfil any of his desires," says Father Superior Yevstratiy Zorya, spokesman for the Orthodox Church in Kiev..... "It also has an impact on political life, because these people help to campaign for the politicians loyal to their church."

The Embassy of God says there is no brainwashing. Instead it targets people who feel rejected by society...... It runs a homeless shelter in the capital which helps prostitutes, drug addicts and members of the mafia like Alexander Skrypin.


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