Monday, November 06, 2006

R-49 Church of England upset..... no Christian stamps for Xmas

Church posts anger at Britain's Christ-free Christmas stamps

LONDON (AFP) - The Church of England have sent a message of annoyance to the Royal Mail over this year's Christmas stamps, which feature festive fun rather than a Christian theme...... Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer and a Christmas tree surrounded by presents appear on the 2006 collection, which goes on sale Tuesday.

The established church in England delivered a note of "regret" at the lack of reference to the birth of Jesus Christ, while the Royal Mail said they alternated each year between religious and non-religious themes...... "In 2004, the Church of England's General Synod approved a motion calling for Royal Mail to issue Christmas stamps with Christian themes every year," said a C of E spokesman on Monday....... "We regret that the Royal Mail have decided against continuing last year's welcome return to Christian-themed designs reminding people of the true meaning of Christmas."

Last year's set included a controversial image of a couple with Hindu markings worshipping Jesus.

UPDATES: '06 Nov 07 Non-religious Christmas stamps criticisedyear's collection of festive stamps.... Instead of religious images adorning the Christmas stamps -- which go on sale from Tuesday -- they have pictures of Santa, a snowman, a Christmas tree and a reindeer...... Religious groups say they are concerned the stamps have no connection with the real meaning of Christmas.

**************************** says a me comment ********************

"Religious groups" or "CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS GROUPS" say they are concerned the stamps have no connection with the real meaning of Christmas. I'm sure that if the Post Office started issuing stamps to celebrate other religions.. that there would be a cacophony of Christian religious opposition... especially if they were Muslin stamps...

HEY have lost your way!!!! Aren't you the same two faced, hypocritical gang that says the true meaning of Christmas isn't about commercial things, but about love and celebrating the birth of Christ... What does that have to do with stamps? Christ never had stamps celebrating his birthday; come to think of it.... Christmas is NEVER even mentioned in the bible.... So what are you pious and righteous Christians really celebrating? If you check out the history books you will find Christmas been adapted from PAGAN holidays... So what does that make you?

"Food for thought"
Saysame JR


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