Wednesday, September 27, 2006

R-4 Pope plays politics

'06 Sept 23 Religion and Politics... (Bed-fellows) Evangelical voters more jaded in 2006 > Christian conservatives, traditionally a reliable Republican constituency, aren't necessarily a GOP gimme this time around.

'06 Sept 24 > Cat Stevens criticizes pope over Islam comments...In an interview with BBC television, Islam (Cat Stevens) said that he went to a Catholic school, "so at one point I used to believe that the Pope was infallible." But he added that the pope's comments on Islam showed he was fallible,

'06 Sept 25 > Pope says 2 faiths must overcome enmity Benedict...has not offered a complete apology as some have sought....His five-minute address Monday at a meeting with 22 foreign diplomats and representatives of Italian Muslim organizations ..was called "mainly political" intended to improve relations with Muslim states......Fahmi Howeidi, a liberal Islamic writer in Egypt, said that since the pope did not apologize, protests may continue.... "The people that were convinced he was against Islam are not going to change their minds,"


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