Tuesday, October 24, 2006

R-40 Christianity... coming apart at the seams...

Anglican bishop warns gay clergy issue could marginalise leader

SYDNEY (AFP) - An Australian Anglican archbishop has warned that tolerance of gay clergy will marginalise the position of the Archbishop of Canterbury and devolve the global church from its traditional powerbase..... The leader of the largest Anglican diocese in Australia, Sydney Archbishop Peter Jensen, played down the possibility of the church's disintegration, but cautioned that the ordination of gay clergy could undermine the status and influence of the global church's top figure.....

Making clear his total opposition to gay and female clergy, Jensen told a church synod late Monday that at least two overseas churches had applied to join Sydney's conservative Anglican diocese..... "I do not talk of a split, for example. Nor have I been one to talk of schism and the break-up of the Anglican communion," Jensen said.

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Why is Christianity so fragmented? Could it be that the beliefs on which it was founded are also flawed? A religious split is only a form change whereby they deny what they can't accept... So another religious domination built on the sand of denial...

Saysame JR


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