Sunday, October 15, 2006

R-31 Scotland's independence... a re-play of Ireland's turmoil?

Cardinal happy to see UK break-up

The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland has given his backing to independence north of the Border......"There is currently some frustration among the Scots about the say they have over what happens here, and that is part of what is pushing the independence movement.

"I can see this coming, perhaps not in the next few years, but before too long."

As the leader of a Scottish church, which is itself independent from England, he admitted it was difficult to argue for ecclesiastical but not political independence.

**************************** Says a me comments *******************************

The commitments made by the head of the Catholic Church in Scotland, will only activate Scottish Protestants that will feel that the Catholics (in politics) are trying to take over home rule and that they (the Protestants) will have no, or limited say... Aye... The same Orange and Green shite as in Ireland... just in a different pot now... Scotland...

Not only will he tick of the Scottish Protestants but also both Catholics and Protestants in the UK.... who don't want to see Scotland have independence..
Saysame JR


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