Friday, October 13, 2006

R-25 If you disagree with the Catholic Church.... you're Saint material...

Indiana Nun to be proclaimed a saint
ERRE HAUTE, Ind. - An Indiana nun once banished from her congregation by a bishop will be proclaimed a saint on Sunday, providing a model of virtuous life to America's Roman Catholics — even if they find themselves at odds with church leaders......

Blessed Mother Theodore Guerin led a group of six French nuns who arrived in Indiana on Oct. 22, 1840, to establish a community in the woods outside Terre Haute. She and Vincennes Bishop Celestin de la Hailandiere struggled over control of the fledgling order, and he dismissed Guerin from her vows, threatened her with excommunication and banished her for a time from St. Mary-of-the-Woods. She did not return until after his resignation in 1847

Pope Benedict XVI will canonize Blessed Mother Theodore Guerin as the first new U.S. saint in six years, a span marked in this country by the scandal over the sexual abuse of minors by clergy......The pontiff also will canonize a Mexican bishop and two Italians who founded religious orders.

The "Church" is losing power and the Pope is trying to make friends and influence people to try to regain it. He's leaving no stone unturned as he searches for ways and means to bring back all those that were forced out of the flock or fled the good shepherd. The Pope wants all his "flock" back and he'll do it anyway he can... even if it means making saints of those that disagreed with the Church doctrine and its policies and were subsequently excommunication and banished from the Catholic Church....

His plan is to make them part of the church, and if she's a saint, then she has to be Catholic...and part of the Church and no longer separate... So by default, she, and all those that follow her are returned to the flock... And... because the good Sister is dead.... how can she disagree with the Pope...

HEY! That makes me a SAINT too... it's just that the Pope and all the rest of the good ole Catholics don't know it yet..... Kind of funny when you think of it... LOL.... I'm laughing.... but at the same time I'm not... as I want nothing to do with the Church or any organized religion for that matter...

BUT there's more to this.... What is the Pope not saying beside the obvious?
He's not saying that
1) The church was wrong to excommunicate the nun in the first place.
2) That the bishop that excommunicated the nun was wrong.
3) That the Church was flawed in choosing the bishop.
4) That the Pope made a mistake in making him a bishop.
5) That the Church and the Pope make mistakes.

Of course none of this is said as the Pope and the Church consider themselves infallible and can do no wrong.. or at least... can't admit that they do wrong... as that would be a sign of weakness and a loss of power and control.. This is a good example of how DENIAL and unlovingness work... pretending they are the opposite of what they really are by doing a "good deed."

Saysame JR

UPDATES: '06 Oct 15 Pope Benedict proclaims 4 new saints


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