Sunday, October 08, 2006

R-17 Conflict between Church and State

Pope urges couples to back family values

VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI spoke in support of Christian marriage and traditional family values on Sunday, urging couples to resist modern cultural currents inspired only by a search for happiness and pleasure....."There is a need for families who won't let themselves be swept away by modern cultural currents that are inspired by hedonism and relativism," the pontiff added...

The Vatican also has consistently criticized movements in Italy and other countries that call for legal rights for unmarried couples as an attack against the traditional family..... and have legalized same-sex marriage laws the church firmly opposes.


Church and state fighting over who has control of the individual and the masses. According to the Church, the sanctity of marriage is supposed to be a Holy union between man and woman, yet why does one need a (State) licence to get married and even more (State) paper work to get divorced. And look at all the (state) paper work you have when you are married. Why does one need to be married in a church... Why does one need to be "so-called married to do or have what so-called married people do or have. Why is there all the legal paper work after a union splits up? Religion believes that following its beliefs and values will ensure a proper and lasting relationship while the State thinks that legislation and social laws will ensure proper conduct and lasting relationships.

Both are screwed!... as neither have worked or will ever work... To have a loving and working relationship, there has to be love present... And Love isn't something that you are taught, either by a religion or by a State... it is something that you feel... BUT.. that's also screwed up as what we feel isn't always what we think it is....To know what love is.. we also have to know what love is not... and we can only do that by ending our denials. "And the truth shall set you free"



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