Wednesday, September 27, 2006

R-8 Pope goes to highest power

The Pope calls to the highest power in the land
'06 Sept 27 UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The Vatican used the stage of the United Nations on Wednesday to try to make amends for remarks by Pope Benedict that drew fury from Muslims worldwide.

The pope has faced persistent criticism despite four attempts to make amends, without actually apologizing directly, for a speech he gave on September 12 in his native Germany..... His last effort was in Italy on Monday when he spoke to diplomats from some 20 Muslim countries plus leaders of Italy's own Muslim community.
Ever since the Vatican tossed up the shit and the Pope turned on the fan, the Pope and Vatican have tried their damndest to convince Muslims... and the world that they are right, even thought the Pope adamantly claims that what he said is not what he thinks or believes....and the Vatican backs him up... Dah? Today...frustrated that Muslins and quite a few "other" people... are not accepting their "non apology" rhetoric, the pope and Vatican, called upon the sympathies and compassion of the highest toothless power on Earth, the pretentious United Nations (Big Boys Club --- Select Members Only) to spread the word that it's OK to accept mis-information and lies from people that have hidden agendas but deny they do... The pope felt that he was coming to the right place for that his credit... he was in good company today.

But hey... don't forget... this is also a political move on the part of The Church as The Dalai Lama scores points yesterday...... so why not kill two birds with one stone...

PS: The views expressed in this post do not reflect my personal thoughts or opinions. They are just words meant to provide information and to be used as a filler for this blog... :)

'06 Sept 28 Hey...they heard me Call to overhaul Security Council heard
UNITED NATIONS - Amid the vitriol and accusations, leaders at this year's General Assembly meeting sounded the same note: The U.N. Security Council doesn't represent our interests anymore, and it must be reshaped to reflect the world of 2006, not 1945, the year it was created.


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