Wednesday, September 27, 2006

R-5 Oh Oh! ---- Trouble in Paridise

'06 Sept 26 Oh Oh! Trouble in Paridise > Vatican sexcommunicates Zambia archbishop >>>The Vatican, accusing Milingo of "sowing division and disarray among the faithful," The Vatican also said that Milingo violated church law when he created an association of married priests and when he celebrated Mass with married clergy.
'06 Sept 26 >Mexico cardinal denies protecting priest accused of rape and molestation Cardinal Norberto Rivera on Sunday urged a Mexican priest charged with raping and molesting children to turn himself in but denied accusations that he helped protect the fugitive......Similar suits have cost U.S. Catholic dioceses an estimated $1.5 billion, alarming church leaders worldwide......Church officials in Los Angeles also have denounced the legal action, saying it is baseless.


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