Saturday, October 07, 2006

R-16 When is the truth....not the truth? When it's a lie!

Vatican document on limbo might be ready

Vatican theologians are leaning toward revising centuries-old teaching that babies who die without baptism go to limbo instead of heaven, officials said Friday......Although Catholics have long believed that children who die without being baptized still have original sin and are thus excluded from heaven, the church has no formal doctrine on the matter, Vatican officials have noted


Limbo... according to Catholics, is the temporary home of the souls of good people who have died... but... just weren't good enough to go to directly to Heaven and are now awaiting the Resurrection of Jesus to decide their final fate. The word limbo also refers to where unbaptized children go, who die in infancy without having committed any personal sins, but without having been freed from original sin, which apparently only basptim had the power to do.

Question is.. if there is no longer going to be a limbo for children that die before being baptised.. does that also mean that there is no longer going to be a limbo for the souls of good people who died but did not go to Heaven.....And, does that mean that baptism isn't all that it's made out to be? And what does that say about ORIGINAL SIN...??? And ....if one Church Law is wrong... doesn't that also imply that other laws can also be wrong? And if the ones presently changing the law are right, just and holy...what does that say about the ones that originally wrote the law... that they were un-just and un-holy? Or, are the ones that are now trying to change the law wrong, un-just and un-holy? In either case... what does that say about the Catholic Chruch? What does that say about the bible? What does that say about religion(s)?

A lie always changes... the truth is what it is... "Food for thought"



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