Thursday, October 12, 2006

R-22 Religion - a state of mind -Spirituality - a state of being.

Religion is a state of mind, while Spirituality is a state of being.

Hi everyone,

To understand the significance of that statement you need to ask yourself a question. What would you think or believe if you were not "taught" your religion and what love is or is not? To do that, you need to wipe out; erase your mind of all the things that you have been told by your religion or by other religions, and then ponder who and what you really are and what love is. Once your beliefs, your (state of mind) are gone, you are left with your "I am" presence, your spiritual essence and state of being. This state of being is totally opposite from your state of mind as it is "felt" and is without definition, limitation, rules or conditions.

All religions have definitions, rules, limits, controls and conditions to function and operate and are therefore conditional love. When you no longer buy into these beliefs, you are free and empowered. If you're a Christian, are you limited and controlled by the beliefs of a Buddhist or Taoist? Of course not! You might not even know what they are so you are "free" of their "control" because it's not what you have learned and been made to accept as real and the truth for you. It's not a part of your state of mind.

Children are not born with their religious beliefs, they are taught them and it depends in what country and nationality as to what these religious beliefs might be. The same child, born to Muslim parents, but then adopted by Christians, would most likely be brought up to be a Christian and to have Christian values because that would be what the child would be taught. Religion is not who or what you are, but by its mind control, defines what you believe you are and what love and truth is.

The older you get, the deeper you slide into the quicksand of your beliefs that you accept as truths. The same old record and program is played over and over again, deepening what you believe is your faith, but in reality is only false beliefs and judgments. Now you are so entrenched and confused that you fight to hold onto the old beliefs even if they are dragging you to your death.

How can you ever find the unconditional love and truth you seek when all you've ever known is love with conditions, which is what you've been taught experiencing only fleeting moments of unconditional love before you are snapped back by your denials? Again, it's a state of mind, your beliefs, that cause you fear what you do not know. As long as you accept your beliefs as truth, nothing will change. For things to change, you need to be open to challenge your beliefs, not defend them. If you believe that your religion and beliefs are unconditional love and truth, they will withstand any challenge. If they don't, then you need to ask yourself why are you are justifying and defending them? I leave you with this food for thought.



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