Tuesday, October 10, 2006

R-19 Christian Motto: "It's OK it it happens to others.... BUT NOT TO ME !!!!"

Denmark warns of new cartoon crisis with Muslims
COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Denmark said on Tuesday a new cartoon crisis with the Muslim world could erupt after Danish television stations broadcast footage last week deemed insulting to the Prophet Mohammad......In September last year the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten published cartoons that Muslim clerics denounced as blasphemous, sparking protests early this year in which more than 50 people were killed in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.......

Angry Christians force Slayer album out of India MUMBAI (Reuters) - U.S. heavy metal band Slayer's latest album has been recalled from music stores across India after the country's small Christian community said the cover depicting Christ with amputated arms and a missing eye was insulting......"We took strong exception to the album which is offensive and in very bad taste," said Joseph Dias of Mumbai's Catholic Secular Forum.......

Hey Christians... chill out... it's ONLY a picture.... don't be so SENSITIVE !!! What were the wise and compassionalte words that you uttered last September when the pictures of Mohammad came out.... Forgive and forget or something pious like that....oh yea, and freedom of speech was another. But now that it's your turn to taste the shit pill... turns out that you don't like it either!!! What can I say that I haven't just said....


PS: This religious saber rattling is similar to the political saber rattling presently going on... and it's all escalating...soon, all religions will be going at each other with... "My god is better that your god...or "My god can kick your gods ass."


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