Sunday, October 15, 2006

R-29 and Christianity forced on Hindus......... Where is the Love?

Low-caste Hindus convert en masse NAGPUR, India (Reuters) - Thousands of low-caste Hindus converted to Buddhism and Christianity on Saturday in protest against new laws in several Indian states that make such changes of religion difficult.......

Several states governed by the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have introduced or strengthened laws to stop what it says are forced conversions, mainly by Christian missionaries.......Under the new laws anyone planning to leave the Hindu fold, the country's majority faith, must obtain certificates from officials and affidavits from courts, stating they were converting out of free will and not by inducements.... A hardline Hindu leader said the conversions were "forced".

"You are no more a Hindu. Say you will not worship any Hindu god or goddess. Say I will never go to a temple," a Buddhist monk asked the crowd to repeat with him.

Hindus form 80 percent of secular India's population, Muslims more than 13 percent and Christians less than 3 percent. Religious minorities such as Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Parsis make up the rest.

************************ Says a me comment ******************************

Christians and Buddhist are playing both "politics" and "the righteous savior" at the same time in converting the Hindu poor and oppressed. It's interesting that they can't see their own religiouos and political oppression in their own house and back yard.. yet are quick to see it in their neighbors....

The question now is..... how is converting to Buddhism or Christianity going to change the social life of these poor people? Does conversion come with a house and a car and a good Christian or Buddhist job? ... I think not.....

What has really happened is, that these conversions have in fact, created a class of poor and oppressed Christians and in India... And like I said earlier...are now in "their back yard".. but of course, they don't see it that way or even care about it....

All that these "religious do-gooders" care about is the superficial show of doing their religious good deed, their "act" KEYWORD "act" of kindness and mercy for their fellow man, by converting him or her to the TRUE faith....Ahh? but which on is that.... Buddhist or Christian?

Saysame JR

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