Friday, October 13, 2006

R-26 Muslim Scholars give Pope benifit of the Doubt

Muslim scholars accept pope's statement AMMAN, Jordan - Dozens of Muslim scholars and chief muftis from numerous countries have accepted Pope Benedict XVI's statement of regret for his remarks on Islam and violence, the editor of a Muslim journal said Friday......

The scholars have signed an open letter that will be delivered to a
Vatican envoy in the hopes of engaging the pope in a dialogue to counter prejudice against Islam, said the Jordanian-based editor of Islamica Magazine, Sohail Nakhooda.

Nakhooda added the letter, which will be published on Islamica Magazine's Web site on Saturday, is "an attempt to engage with the papacy on theological grounds in order to tackle wide-ranging misconceptions about Islam in the Western world."

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The Muslim Scholars have given the Pope the benifit of the doubt instead of their intuition that has been saying for weeks that Pope knew full well what he was saying. In denying themselvs, (their intuition) they have given the Pope their power. The Muslin scholars optimistically think that they have something to teach the Pope and that the Pope is receptive to their teachings... WRONG... They have played into his hands and he will string them along for as long as he can. It is the Scholars false sense of pride and superiority and of righting a wrong, along with a desire to help another less enlightened, as they feel they know more than the Pope... Well they may know more about Islam, but they don't know more than the Pope when it comes to playing the power and denial game. It will be interesting to see how this plays out....



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