Tuesday, October 17, 2006

R-34 Pope John Paul II Cartoon...just in time for Xmas ... Shows him close to children and families...

Vatican issues cartoon version of John Paul's life

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - No one expects it to replace Alice in Wonderland or Cinderella, but the Vatican has turned to a talking pen and pigeons in a new cartoon movie to teach children about the life of the late Pope John Paul..... The film, called "John Paul II, the Friend of Humanity," was unveiled at a news conference on Tuesday and its producers hope it will be a big hit for the coming Christmas season.........

"The idea was to present the human side of John Paul as the best way to bring him close to children and families," said J.L. Lopez-Guardia, a Spanish animation artist who goes by the professional name Cavin Cooper.......

****************************** says a me comment **************************

"Shows hinm being close to children and families.... I'd say so with all the sex scandals he was covering up.... NEVER happened in real life... so they have to make a movie about what they want the public to believe is the truth... I think it's only fitting that it's a Cartoon. :)

Saysame JR


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